In 1996 I made a little cassette tape called “The First One” because I knew it would be ‘the first one’ of many. I went down to Louisville Kentucky and recorded a few songs on my guitar. Simple.

Four years later I had performed solo and collected enough original songs to do a studio album.  I asked a few friends to play drums and bass on it, whittled away on it for about a year while I was in college, and released “Lesson” in 2000.

Then I started playing around town and touring with my new bandmates and wrote enough new songs to want to record again.  This time we used some free studio time we won from a local band contest.  We decided to best capture our band’s energy we should record it live and in the studio with an audience.  All of our closest friends, family, and fans came to our studio show and in 2003 we recorded “Live Underwater”.

It has been many years since I lived those songs as a writer and performer, but when I listen back, I am really transported to that time, that slice of my life…a little autobiographical time capsule….a soundtrack to a movie that was my life.

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